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What Kind of Mattress Do I Use for My Murphy Bed?

Posted October 25, 2012 by Murphy Wall-Beds   |  « back to blog
You may find yourself wondering what mattress to use with your Murphy Bed. Is a custom mattress necessary? Rest assured one of the great things about Murphy Beds is that it uses a regular spring filled mattress exactly like the ones on a normal bed.
With all of our Murphy Beds we recommend using a spring or coiled filled mattress. Spring mattresses are perfect for Murphy Beds because they allow the mechanism to balance properly. The springs also give structure to the mattress, so when it is in the upright position that mattress stays straight.
While Murphy Beds use regular mattresses that fit on basic beds, there are a few restrictions to consider before you purchase.
When using the Regular legs, that come standard on all of our Murphy Bed kits, the maximum thickness of the mattress is 10”. When you upgrade to the Extended legs the maximum thickness is 12”.
A memory foam mattress is not recommended for Murphy Beds. Foam mattresses are extremely heavy, and the weight of the mattress prohibits the mechanism from balancing properly. In addition, there is no structure within the mattress; the lack of support inside the mattress results in the mattress slouching or buckling when it is in the upright position.
Do not be fooled by companies trying to sell you a mattress “specially” designed for a Murphy Bed. Any spring or coiled filled mattress will work taking into consideration a maximum 10” thickness using our Regular leg system and a maximum 12” thickness using our extended leg system.