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Murphy Bed Panel Hardware vs. Wall Bed Hardware

Posted February 04, 2011 by Murphy Beds Hardware Inc   |  « back to blog
One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is “What’s the difference between a Murphy Bed Panel system and a Murphy Wall Bed Bi-Fold System?” Both systems provide the same function; however, there are a variety of differences that may appeal to some but not to others.

Following are some tips when comparing the two hardware systems:

Panel Hardware
1. Counter balanced spring mechanism
2. Panel Hardware is hidden behind panel doors are open.
3. Frame options available in Aluminum or Steel
4. Mechanism attaches to the inside of the Bed Cabinet which secures into wall studs.
5. Prices range from $369 - $878.
6. Allows easy access to side cabinets when in the open position.
7. Can only mount inside a cabinet against a wall

Wall Bed Hardware (aka Bi-Fold Hardware)

1. Springs attached to the Wall Bed Frame
2. Wall Bed Frame is fully exposed once doors of the Murphy Bed Cabinet
3. Steel frame only
4. Frame hardware mounts directly on the floor or into the baseboard of the wall.
5. Prices range from $275 - $470
6. Restricted access to side cabinets when the doors are open
7. Stand alone system that can be mounted in a cabinet or a closet.
Both Murphy Bed Hardware Systems are designed to allow a functional space where there may have
previously been a bed. For more information on either the Murphy Bed Panel or Wall Bed system, visit
our website at
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Aldo Stagnaro
Submitted March 13, 2011 by Aldo Stagnaro
I have purchased the Wall Bed Hardware (Bi-Fold) system
What size cabinet should I use to mount the wall bed hardware into. Is there room for adjustments?
Thank you
Submitted August 11, 2011 by Gisele LeBlanc