Baseboard Notch

Serious injury may result if the Murphy Bed is not mounted flush to the back of the wall.
If you have a baseboard and do not select a baseboard notch option, you must either notch out the back of the cabinet to a maximum of 6" H x 1" or remove the baseboard from that section of the wall to accommodate the Murphy Bed being mounted flush to the wall.

Murphy Beds come with the option of having no notch (if you do not have baseboard) or a notch. You can select from a standard notch of 4" H x ¾" D or a custom notch that does not exceed 6" H x 1" D. For a custom baseboard notch, measure the height and depth of your baseboard and provide us with the dimensions to cut out that exact measurement. The depth of the notch must be a minimum of ½" deep.