Finish Sample Kit

Just can’t decide on a finish or want to have a closer look? No problem! Choose up to five samples and we’ll send you everything you need to help decide.

  • Solid Laminate*
  • Black

  • International White

  • Textured Laminate*
  • Angkor Root

  • Caramello

  • Easton

  • Hudson

  • Sandbank

  • Scout

  • Toscana

  • Wood Grain Laminate*
  • Alabama Cherry

  • Candy Apple

  • Chocolate Pearwood

  • Cognac Cherry

  • Montana Walnut

  • Wood Veneer**
  • Cherry

  • Unfinished Maple

My 5 Finishes

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* Made with high quality melamine.
** Made from a plywood core with both sides a wood veneer top. Wood is a unique material by its very nature, and no two pieces can ever be exactly alike. Its appearance may be consistent for a given species within a broad and generalized range, but even wood from the same tree can vary in aesthetic and physical properties. Growth conditions such as geography, climate, genetics, etc. are contributing factors to the phenomenon of the darker color of heartwood and the lighter color of sapwood.

My 5 Finishes

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