Becoming Clutter Free with a Murphy Bed

A clean home is a happy home, and homeowners/renters everywhere know how hard it can be to keep their living areas free from disarray:

-Books and papers scattered about
-Toys or pet supplies everywhere
-An overabundance of décor
-Shelves or drawers crammed with belongings
-Clothes left out

Between cramming too much furniture in one area, not having enough storage solutions, or dealing with “pesky” residents (pets, children, or the occasional messy roommate), maintaining the cleanliness in one’s home can be challenging.

Thankfully, there’s one thing Murphy Beds know how to do, and that is to keep things organized.

If you’re looking to reduce the clutter in your home (and subsequently the clutter clouding your mind), here’s how a Murphy Bed can help!

Shelving storage solutions

As the saying goes, there’s a place for everything and everything in its place — and this could not be truer when it comes to the shelving units in some of our Murphy Beds.

Designed as part of the Murphy Bed frame, these units (known as Accessories) can solve plenty of storage problems. Suppose you’re prone to disorganization when interior decorating. In that case, the Accessories allow you to place aesthetically and functionally items in one place, rather than being strewn about your office or living room.

Plus, if hiding your items is part of your clutter-free vision, you can add doors to each Accessory — either a small Door to cover a single unit or a Wardrobe Door to cover two vertically. You can further personalize this unit using our Build-A-Bed function (which you can experiment with).

Room for minimalism

Want to increase cleanliness by removing unnecessary furniture/items from your home? Murphy Beds can help with that as well.

Minimalism is a design aesthetic that has continued to dominate the interior-designing market. Murphy Beds fit wonderfully into the minimalism adherence to reductive elements in one’s home and the less-is-more mentality.

Try using a Murphy Bed unit with fewer shelves (like The Lancaster) to encourage you not to fill them or designate an area for your few belongings with The Designer, which keeps a storage area above the Murphy Bed and out of the way.

All-in-one convenience

At their core, Murphy Beds are meant to be multifunctional pieces of furniture with the sound structure of a cabinet, desk, closet, etc., all mixed into one.

Ultimately, having a Murphy Bed with the appropriate amenities (which you can customize) keeps you from adding more furniture to your home, saving you both space and money.

With the ability to disappear into your wall unit, Murphy Beds create more space in your master/guest bedroom or studio apartment, allowing you the freedom of an opener area. This solution is beneficial for families in smaller apartments, as this creates space for parents to work at a desk and for children to play (once the bed is put away) in one area.

To reduce clutter in your home with a Murphy Bed, try out the Build-A-Bed app, and check out our blog post on how to use it for additional assistance.

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