How to Choose the Best Murphy Bed in 2024

If you’re shopping for a Murphy Bed you’re likely planning to design a (more) stylish guest bedroom or add space to do other activities in your home. These days, plenty of online shops are selling wall beds but how can you tell if they are of good quality? There are a few factors to consider including customer service, warranties, whether the mechanisms have patents, and of course, the history of the manufacturer.

Our family has been designing and manufacturing Murphy Wall-Bed hardware systems for more than 45 years. We’ve shipped over 200,000 systems globally. We’re featured in over 150,000 homes.

We do this work as we believe in the product; we have seen Murphy Beds stand the test of time and evolve into the modern and elegant designs we offer today.

And, besides, we all love a good night’s sleep!

Here are a few reasons why we’re confident to say we make the best Murphy Beds in Canada and the United States.

Family-owned business

We are a Canadian-owned and run family business with many long-tenured employees who care for each other and the products we create for your home.

Since the business launched in 1975, we have grown our offering to include residential and commercial products seeing distribution across North America. Pop into a fire station or a dormitory, and you could find our space-saving Murphy Wall-Beds.

Our factory, our designs

We have two parts to our company: manufacturing and distributing the metal hardware kits used in the Murphy Wall-Beds’ and designing and creating the cabinetry elements.

Our team works personally with all the products we make and ship, evaluating the quality of the products sent from our home to yours.

There’s something special about bringing elements in your home that you know come from the heart.

Lifestyle décor savvy

Our team continually watches design trends to ensure that our Murphy Wall-Beds add a modern and elegant design element to your space.

Keeping up on design, our team watches trends in:

  • Cabinetry styles
  • Finishes and colours
  • Hardware elements
  • Millwork (see our feature trim)

We follow tons of interior designers, home architects, and home décor media on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and yes, even Tik Tok. We flip print and digital pages of magazines like Dwell, Sunset and Martha Stewart. Our wall beds have been featured in the Property Brothers and lifestyle influencers. With our digital eyes on the pulse of design, we anticipate where and how we can update Murphy Wall-Beds to suit different style tastes.

Flexible customer service and support

We also recognize that some of our customers like to customize their own Murphy Wall-Beds fully, others not so much. We offer the option to purchase hardware only so you can build a Murphy Wall-Bed in any place or way that you can dream it.

We also take pride in our customer service. We offer a toll-free customer service line and an online chat tool (with humans on our side to help!).

We’ve also developed online videos that help guide you through each installation step.

Enough about us, we’d like to hear from you

Give us a call. We can personally answer your questions and help you decide, which Murphy Wall-Bed works for your space.

Try our Build-A-Bed app to test a few designs for your home, cabin, Airbnb or rental home. The design possibilities are endless!

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