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Have your customers expressed an interest in a Murphy Bed? Have you referred clients elsewhere because they required a Murphy Bed for their storage and space-saving solutions? Can you sell six or more Murphy Beds a year? Do you want to differentiate your business from your competition?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be able to become a Murphy Wall-Beds Authorized Dealer.
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“I have built wall-beds for 26 years, and have used many mechanisms... This is the best." — Wall-beds by Sandmar (San Diego, CA)
Authorized Murphy Wall-Beds Dealer

Benefits for you


Adding our unique wall-bed solutions to your product line will increase your business and deliver higher profit margins.

Superior Service

We are open 6 days a week and provide same or next day shipping.

No Call Backs

Our strong, reliable and safe hardware systems are tested to support 1700-2000lbs., ensures total customer satisfaction.

Ongoing Communication

As a dealer you will benefit from the Murphy Messages, friendly, experienced sales reps and an informative website.

Excellent Marketing Support and Documentation

Color brochures, Murphy Bed photo disc loaded with product images, explicit assembly instructions.


No minimum orders.

Customer benefits

One-Stop Shopping

Murphy Wall-Beds offers your customers complete storage and space-saving solutions.

Superb Quality

Murphy Wall-Beds are manufactured to international ISO 9001 specifications and carry specific warranties, backed by a company founded in 1975.


We can provide complete Murphy Bed Panel cabinetry in vertical and side tilt orientation; pre-cut, edge taped and ready for your installation.

Easy Operation

Fingertip opening and closing of all Murphy Wall-Bed units.

Multiple Options

Hardware: 2 choices of Murphy Beds, 2 choices of Panel bed frames, Extended Length Single/twin and Double/Full frames, 3 leg options, optional spring strengths, 2 bed orientations.

Cabinetry: Wide ranging choice of colors or textures in panel bed cabinetry, 2 choices of bed cabinetry orientation, Additional storage options and crown molding

Our company


We support the largest dealer network in North America.


We created and patented the panel bed hardware system.


We have sold more than 200,000 sets of hardware worldwide.

Globally Competitive

We have a growing international dealer presence with opportunities available for expansion.

Proven Winner

We have consistently expanded our dealer base and market share.


Our sales, manufacturing, parts supply and assembly teams are customer-focused and pleasant to work with.

Enhance your business with Murphy Wall-Beds

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