When to Buy a Murphy Bed 

What’s a bed called that folds into the wall? Well, that’s a good question – and here’s where we officially introduce you to the Murphy Bed, a multifunctional piece of furniture. A Murphy Bed is a hinged bed that folds up into cabinetry when not in use. With our brand, your wall bed simply disappears against the wall into a hutch or behind doors (you decide!). Designs are customizable from the bed to the frame to how it’s stored.

Depending on the orientation (or how it’s hung), a Murphy Bed can be vertical (from the side) or horizontal (from the end). Installation is dependent upon your room setup and layout. It’s folded up against a wall and disappears into gorgeous cabinetry when you don’t need it. Installed on hinges, a Murphy Bed can be pulled down and pushed back up into the cabinetry with minimal effort (or strength!).

And as a bonus, the bed can be already made with linens before it’s tucked away. When it’s bedtime, the Murphy Bed can be quickly, easily and safely pulled down (some even say with one finger!) for guests. There is no need for late-night searching for matching bed linens or wrestling with the dreaded bottom sheet after a long night of catching up.

The Murphy in the Murphy Bed

Essentially, an innovator (aptly named Murphy) in the 1900s invented the Murphy Bed to solve a space problem in their tiny San Francisco apartment. This design has stood the test of time, with Murphy Beds once again seeing a resurgence of popularity in everything from personal homes, cabins, university dormitories, Airbnbs and even fire stations.

Wall beds have been around a long time to solve a problem – they remove the unused space that a bed takes up, leaving you with more space for living. Designs may have changed over the years, but one thing remains consistent – they are a space saver.

Today, Murphy Beds are designed with shelves, side tables, side cabinets, lighting and double doors to make it all the more functional and add custom design elements to your interior.

Are wall beds comfortable to sleep on?

Anyone who has slept (or rather tried to sleep) on a slowly deflating air mattress at their friend’s or family member’s house knows how welcoming it is to spend the night on a solid guest bed. A Murphy Wall-Bed provides a good quality bed for those that we love. And that we hope they will want to visit us again at some point.  

We provide you with a Murphy Bed kit: the hardware and the cabinetry. You then go out and choose your own mattress based on personal preferences, like soft or firm.

Murphy Beds are safe

The Murphy Wall-Bed is safe, durable and comes with iron-clad warranties. However, please ensure that your hardware is installed correctly and maintained properly like any piece of furniture.

You can install a wall bed anywhere in the house – from an office to a spare room to even a nook, providing privacy for all. You can avoid tip-toeing around a snoring guest on the living room couch, wasting valuable floor space in a perhaps not often used guest bedroom, or hoping that the grandchildren don’t hear you before you’ve had a chance to drink that first coffee in the morning.

You (and your guests!) can sleep more soundly as a Murphy Wall-Bed is a good investment for the home. It’s also a storage solution that you can customize to your taste and style.  

If we’ve caught your interest, please explore more about our Murphy Wall-Beds.

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