Best Home Office Setup for Small Spaces

At-home offices, usually consisting of a desk and other office accessories, are essential for any home, whether used for the hybrid work-from-home lifestyle or students tackling their respective assignments.

But for families, students, or workers living in smaller homes and apartments, the reality of dedicating an area or room simply for an office is nearly impossible. It would only come at the expense of moving or dipping into money saved up for much-needed vacations. And trust us, we know how badly you need that vacation.

With a Murphy Bed desk attachment you no longer need to compromise to get an efficient work area. Read on to find out why.

The work-from-home hybrid lifestyle perfected

As many companies transition from strictly on-location employment to the hybrid work-from-home model, workers now find themselves home more often and require a work area that accommodates their everyday office needs.

Yet having a designated desk area has its concerns, including:

  • The potential for clutter to form
  • Having to select a whole space or room solely for the desk
  • How costly it is to furnish an office

Thankfully, our Murphy Bed’s desk attachment (as seen in our Lexington frame) provides a sleek, compact workspace that doesn’t take up too much room while also participating in solving space issues. This attachment also ensures that clutter can be taken care of (perfect for people seeking anti-mess solutions) and that additional furniture doesn’t need to be bought. In other words, there’s no better hybrid like a Murphy Bed for the work-from-home folks!

Workspace for the active learner

For parents/guardians with kids or teens, a Murphy Bed is an intuitive way to blend a relaxation space, workspace, storage space, and entertainment space, all in one compact piece of furniture.

Murphy Beds are the perfect way for families in smaller spaces to give their active learners their office area while sparing the cost and length of getting them both a desk and a bed.

Rather than working from a bed or in the dining area, the desk attached to a Murphy Bed will give children their designated desk. And when they’re not working or sleeping, the bed can be efficiently stored, allowing them space for their toys, sports gear, new hobbies (that they definitely won’t grow bored from), and so on.

You can also personalize their Murphy Bed using our Build-A-Bed function (follow these helpful guidelines) to adhere to their desires, making this workspace feel entirely their own.

A university student’s space saver

Any college or university student knows how tight a dorm room or rental space can be (especially on a university budget). If you’re stressing over cramming a bed frame and desk in one area (while simultaneously cramming for an exam), a Murphy Bed may be the answer you’re looking for.

This can also be beneficial for renters or hosts of university students who wish to advertise a combined office space and bedroom for potential international students.

It’s a clever way to help you stand out amongst the several other hosts, all while giving your student all the accommodations they could need (and there are more ways that Murphy Beds can help renters!).

To get started on creating your dream bedroom/workspace, try our Build-A-Bed app, or give us a call for on-hand assistance.

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