10 Essential Items to Keep on Your Bedside Table

A person’s bedroom is a space where they can be their most authentic self. How they decorate and organize their bedroom can speak volumes about who they are.

This is especially the case with a person’s nightstand, as the things people put on their nightstands indicate what’s most important for them to access in the comfort of their bed.

If you want to spruce up your nightstand (or the units in your Murphy Bed), here are 10 must-have items to personalize your nightstand and help elevate your lying-in-bed time.

  1. A Jewelry Dish
    A jewelry dish is a convenient way to keep all your essential accessories in one place without fearing losing them around your room. This can also help reduce clutter on your nightstand or unit by keeping all your baubles in one place.

    Slip off your accessories while you get into bed, and you’ll sleep soundly, knowing you’ll never have to worry about misplacing one earring again.
  2. A Candle
    Candles can evoke several different moods when used in the bedroom. They can be a dim light source in case of an emergency, a way to elevate your coziness levels, or even bring in some romance.

    Whatever the purpose, candles are helpful in every room of your house, especially next to your bed. You could also get an unscented candle if you’re sensitive to scents.
  3. Books
    Reading is a great way to decompress after a long day — especially when you’re bundled up in bed with a flickering candle and cup of tea next to you.

    Keeping a book on your nightstand is also an easy way to ensure your newfound hobby of reading doesn’t get edged out of your busy schedule. Just keep the book you’re working on next to your bed and reach over for it to help relax your mind before sleeping.
  4. Personalized Photographs
    In a world where your favorite photos are conveniently stored in the palm of your hand, there’s a sort of novelty and wholesomeness of putting physical photographs into eye-catching frames and keeping them next to your bed for you to always glance over at.

    Framed photographs are an impactful way of helping a nightstand feel personal and unique to you while also adding some colour. If you have multiple open units in a Murphy Bed, they also work for adding decoration and avoiding emptiness.
  5. A Lamp
    Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh and overpowering on the eyes, especially in the middle of the night when you’re getting up to use the bathroom. As such, bedside lighting is a must-have item.

    Lamps can sometimes be too big and take up all of your nightstand’s surface area, so consider a standing lamp next to your bed or installing a wall-mounted lamp on the wall behind your bed.
  6. Chargers/Charging Pads
    There’s no worse feeling than waking up in the morning, turning to check your phone, and seeing that it’s dead. Avoid this by simply keeping a charging pad next to you, or a charger plugged into the closest outlet.

    A quick tip: if you’re tired of unplugging your phone just so you can turn over onto your other side, just buy a longer cord! No more choosing between charging your phone or comfortably rolling over.
  7. A Notepad and Pen
    Talking on the phone while lying in bed and needing to write something down? Struck with inspiration in the middle of the night that you don’t want to forget? There are several instances when having a notepad and pen beside you in bed might be beneficial.

    Naturally, you may be inclined to just pull out your cellphone and write down whatever you need. But sometimes, your phone is inaccessible, or you simply don’t want to blind yourself in the middle of the night by unlocking your phone.
  8. A Bottle of Water
    Staying hydrated is important, and you can help yourself maintain hydration during the night/when you wake up in the morning by keeping a water bottle within arm’s reach of your bed.

    Ever wake up in the middle of the night with a seemingly unquenchable thirst? You’ll never have to experience that again with a water bottle always next to you!
  9. Tissues
    Tissues can be helpful for those cold nights when you’re the slightest bit congested. Why go through a rough night of sleeping with a clogged nose when you could simply grab a tissue from your nightstand? They’re also lifesavers for any accidents you may need to wipe up.

    If you’re worried about the tissue box being an eyesore, you could also get an aesthetically pleasing tissue box holder.
  10. A Silk Sleeping Mask
    Depending on where your bed is located in your room, you may be subject to harsh sunlight shining directly onto your face in the morning. And while blackout curtains may help, why not opt for a sleek silk sleeping mask?

    Silk sleeping masks can help enhance sleep quality by applying light pressure to your eyes while not irritating your skin with uncomfortable material. Not only that, but they help keep your skin hydrated and can reduce unwanted wrinkles or circles.

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