Adding Color to Your New Murphy Bed

The bedroom is the one space in a household that says the most about who you are as a person, which people don’t often think about when decorating their space in a useful way. And in your bedroom is your bed, where you likely spend most of your time — whether sleeping, looking up new hobbies to try, or simply lounging to decompress from the day.

And as the space (and, more specifically, piece of furniture) in your house that’s most reflective of yourself, you’ll want to ensure you’re not neglecting your bed’s color palette and missing out on the personality in your interior design.

If you’re looking to bring some excitement into your Murphy Bed, here are four ways you can incorporate more color into your Murphy Bed’s overall design.

Change your bedsheets for a different aesthetic

Dressing up your bed can be as decisive as dressing yourself in the morning, and much like your aspirations for dressing in a way that reflects who you are, you’ll want to give your bed that same treatment.

However, make sure you don’t get too attached to one cover or set of sheets — to keep things fresh (literally and metaphorically), throw in some wildcard designs and colors to help liven up the bedroom (color-palette wise, of course).

Used the same checkered duvet cover a few too many times? Why not switch in a calming blue cover with an additional white throw blanket on top, or perhaps go warmer with a powerful burgundy?

Ultimately, a strategically chosen duvet cover can go a long way in encapsulating your Murphy Bed’s overall feel.

Treat your eyes (and nose) with some fresh flowers or plants

If you feel like your personalized office space, AKA your Murphy Bed’s desk area lacks some much-needed energy, a lovely vase full of vibrant flowers can help bring some serenity to your busy work area. Moreover, flowers are a thoughtful touch to add to a guest room before guests arrive, so use these personalized touches when possible.

Or, if possible looking for some more (hopefully) long-term desk décor, try adding smaller houseplants to welcome some green to the area. You could even place plants in the Murphy Bed’s various open storage units, perfect for organizing your plants (and other necessities).

But if maintaining houseplants, on top of keeping a clutter-free bedroom, is too much of a hassle for you, you always have the option of using fake flowers or plants — less responsibility, but still the welcomed visual of plant life in the bedroom.

Use decorative pillows to increase color and volume

An intricate set of pillows is essential for any bed, whether for sleeping or decoration. To help liven up your Murphy Bed and cohesion with your newly changed bedsheets, try bringing in some pillows to complement your bed’s overall aesthetic.

Many different elements can go into choosing the suitable decorative pillows, which include:

  • The shape of the pillows, whether triangular, circular, square, etc.
  • The color palette, which you’ll likely want to match with your bedsheets
  • The size of the pillows, which can vary from body length to mini throw pillows
  • Their texture and material something that could add dimension to your sleeping arrangement

Just be sure to stay consistent with the pillows you choose. They don’t have to all be the same color, size, etc., but you’ll want them to fit relatively well. Otherwise, you risk your bed looking too busy with the extra accoutrements.

Adjust your bedside lighting

While not a solid object or interchangeable piece of fabric, lighting can play a significant part in how the colors in your home become dimmer or bolder. With the right amount of expertly placed lighting fixtures, your bedroom can go from overwhelmingly stimulating with cooler lighting to calmer with warmer lighting.

You could even use a color-changing lightbulb to grant guests access to a broader range of color options for a little more excitement. This could also be a great selling point for incoming students renting your space, as these tend to be popular amongst those in that age bracket looking to make their rooms more exciting.

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