How a Murphy Bed Helps You Exercise at Home

Between gym memberships being way too overpriced, and the nerves that come with exercising around other people, finding a way to workout may be harder than working out itself. And while some people have the benefit of creating home gyms filled with equipment, not everyone has the luxury to do so due to limited household space.

But having limited room to move doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on fitting in a workout. In fact, there are many work arounds to help you workout around your house.

Looking to squeeze in a workout from home without compromising on space and furniture? Murphy Bed is here to help!

Easily store your bed to increase workout space

A major issue people tend to run into when doing at-home exercises is that they don’t have enough room to perform a yoga routine or follow an instructional Pilates video.

Luckily, Murphy Beds are pretty flexible.

All you have to do is store your Murphy Bed by pushing it up against its bed frame, and you suddenly have all of the space you need to move your body. The quick storage capabilities of a Murphy Bed allow you the freedom to exercise in the privacy of your own room, without having to downsize your bed and cabinets.

You can do a quick HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout with your bed upright, and then pull your bed down when you’re ready to unwind.

This can be especially impactful in guest rooms when you have active guests coming to stay, or if you need some space to let your children run around and burn off some energy.

Workout at your desk while you work from home

With the new and improved work-from-home model, people are working at home offices more than ever. And something all people can relate to, whether working from home or on location, is that it’s difficult to exercise given how much time is spent working.

Thankfully, there are methods to working out while being right at your desk — and with a Murphy Bed’s attachable built-in desk unit, you’ll have the combined benefit of work and relaxation.

If you’re restless from sitting at your desk and want to stretch your legs, simply put a desk riser on top of our Murphy Bed’s desk to turn it into a standing desk. This not only helps prevent you from sitting the entire workday, but it also opens you to a well of various techniques for working out.

You could get:

  • A treadmill to put under your desk to ensure you’re hitting your step goals
  • A balance board to stand on to engage your core while you’re engaged in your work
  • An exercise/stability ball to keep your posture tight
  • Ankle weights to wear while you do leg extensions

The list could go on!

Fit your fitness equipment in the storage units

Yoga mats, dumbbells, foam rollers, and jumping ropes — these are just a few pieces of workout equipment that, when not stored properly, can contribute to major clutter in your house.

Murphy Beds solution to this is the various shelving spaces they come with, perfect for storing exercise equipment that’s small enough to fit into a drawer or a shelf. The cabinets are especially helpful for people looking to reduce clutter, as they simultaneously keep things organized and out of guest’s sight.

Many of the Murphy Bed designs have designated amounts of side cabinets, drawers, shelves, etc. But if you’re the type of person who needs several nooks to fit all of your belongings, or you have a specific aesthetic idea of how you want your shelves to look, you can also customize your own Murphy Bed to fit your needs.

It’s time to begin stretching, because your next home workout is one Murphy Bed-purchase away from starting! Try Murphy Bed’s Build-A-Bed app to get a start on your fitness journey, or call us for on-hand assistance.

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